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Just some of the green measures practiced here at Kah-Nee-Ta.

Kah-Nee-Ta lighting project in Indian Gaming Magazine. (Click here) Kah-Nee-Ta implements energy efficient lighting at resort.

• New waste and recycle bins were placed around the resort for guests to recycle bottles, paper and waste.

• Formation of a staff Green Team to develop and review and implement sustainable practices and measures.
• Offer in-room bed linen and towel conservation program for multi-night guests.
• Use bio-degradable chemicals and products in housekeeping and laundry Departments.
• Using recycled paper for brochures and stationary when appropriate.
• Use air dryers in the Village Pool locker rooms and the paper towel dispensers have recycled paper in them.
• Offer glassware and fabric napkins instead of paper products in conference and dining facilities.
• Recycle paper & newspaper in administrative offices.
• Conserving electricity in many of our offices, including:
-Turning off the Heater & Air conditioning during off hours.
• Working with companies to purchase green products and services whenever possible.
• Facilities Department recycles fluorescent bulbs, cardboard, brass and copper.
• Limit use of paper cups in administrative and employee areas.
• Look to purchase more organic apparel in gift shops, use of natural products when possible.

For more on Mt. Hood Solutions green practices.

Please feel free to provide any feedback or ideas for our Green Team at purchasing@kahneeta.com.

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