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Warm Springs Museum

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The Museum At Warm Springs was created by the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs preserve their traditions and to keep their legacy alive. The three tribes that make up the Confederation, the Wasco, Warm Springs and Paiute, invite you to visit their Museum to learn about their past, understand their present and share their hopes for the future. Tribal inspired architecture creates this 25,000 square foot, award-winning museum. Located along Shitike Creek, architects and tribal members designed The Museum to resemble a traditional encampment. The American Institute of Architects honored The Museum with a Merit Award of Excellence for its unique design. Local resources such as stone, brick and wood make up this unique building. Symbols and figures significant to the tribes have been thoughtfully fused into its design and construction. Like the tribal heritage from which it came, The Museum is part of the landscape.

Inside The Museum, you can explore traditional dwellings, a tule mat lodge, wickiup and plankhouse that have been meticulously constructed to show life as it was long ago. You may listen to ceremonial songs, witness a Wasco wedding exchange or watch yourself on camera as you try the hoop dance. The award-winning introductory video presentation. "According to the Earth" is not to be missed. The changing exhibition gallery presents an annual series of engaging arts and history exhbits from Native American and other indigenous cultures. Outdoors, you can explore the trail along Shitike Creek. On summer weekends you can see live performances and arts and crafts demonstrations.

The Museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily from March to November. From November through February the Museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Group tours and Museum Memberships available.

Located at 2189 Highway 26 in Warm Springs. (across the street from Casino)

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