• day use

Eclipse Guests visiting for the day

Parking fee - $20 per automobile / $40 per RV/Bus (day use fee only)

Swimming fee - $20 per person (adults & children) - includes waterslide access (height requirement 48" tall) & eclipse viewing glasses

We will open our parking lots at 4am this special day (all vehicles must be vacated by midnight the previous night). Many of our outlets in the Village part of the Resort will be opening earlier than regular summer hours (click here for eclipse day hours). Enjoy breakfast (served at our Village Snackbar) that morning, along with coffee services in the Village Giftshop. From 10:09am - 10:29am, all staff will be joining the public to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity: incoming phone calls will be routed to a voicemail, the pool will be vacated (for a maximum of 10 minutes), etc... The eclipse is expected to be in full twilight at 10:19am. Due to expected volume of traffic, detours maybe possible.

Eclipse Day Village Snackbar Menu (Breakfast)

From 7AM - 11AM 

Muffins, Danish. Croissant $4.00

Choice of whole fruit apple, banana orange $2.00

Cup of fresh fruit $4.00

Assorted yogurt $4.00

Oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar $4.00

Biscuits and house made country gravy $7.00

Scramble eggs breakfast potato choice of bacon or sausage $8.00

Breakfast burrito filled with seasoned ground beef, scrambled eggs pepper and jack cheese $6.00

Breakfast sandwich with American cheese scrambled Eggs, choice of sausage patty or bacon served on an English muffin $6.00